Why shared WordPress hosting is Important for your site?

Choosing a hosting plan, whether it is for a new website or to transfer your current setup, can be an overwhelming task. There are several options available hosting and a vast array of options, including dedicated hosting shared hosting, and managed to organize can leave you with analysis paralysis. And from all these, one of the possible alternatives is shared hosting, which provides you with many benefits. For example, shared hosting generally offers a low cost and easy setup, which makes it an excellent option for many sites.

In this post, we will introduce you to shared hosting and explain how it works. We will also discuss the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Introduction to shared WordPress hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is the most economical hosting solutions and is suitable for blogging or company websites with moderate traffic. Some sites share a single server and the same resources as bandwidth, disk space, and memory allocation. This solution is convenient for people who do not master the technique because the host provides you with a complete administration system and take care of all the features associated with the hosting system like software installation, security, maintenance, backup, updates, etc.

When You Should Use Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the perfect solution for some websites, but it is not suitable for all others. It all depends on your needs and your site, so consider how the pros and cons that we’ve discussed will affect your site for the purpose.  We recommend that you find a shared hosting if you want to create a blog or personal website. It can also be the right choice for low traffic sites, such as a portfolio. All of this tends to walk on the side of the smaller and require fewer resources.

Moreover, as the owner of the site, you may find yourself needing a little more help with setup and support. These both are offered with shared WordPress hosting. There are many hosting companies to consider, but Hosting Raja provides everything you would ever need in a shared hosting solution. With the full support of a team of experts who are dedicated, high-speed performance, and even a free SSL certificate, the choice of Hosting Raja shared hosting can meet your needs.

Security along WordPress hosting solution

In a shared hosting environment, you do not have control over the security of your WordPress site. Your website is as secure or insecure as the least safe sites on the same server. So, if a WordPress website that is hosted on the same server can be hacked, it is easy for an attacker to gain access to your website files and infect them with malware. WordPress plugin firewall and security are wasted in these types of attacks because they only protect you against attacks coming from the Internet. In WordPress activity, log plugin could undoubtedly be of use in such setup because you can be alerted of file changes on your WordPress website.

Pros and cons of shared WordPress hosting:

Pros of shared WordPress hosting:

  • Advantages of shared WordPress hosting:
  • You often pay a monthly fee is significantly lower
  • Many shared hosting lets you host unlimited websites for a flat fee
  • While the unlimited visitors do not exist, the most shared hosts advertise universal and do not have a hard cap on the number of visits to your site

Cons of shared WordPress hosting:

  • Minimal functionality: shared hosting is designed for basic web hosting so that you will not get access to features such as caching, etc.
  • The setup is built to run one site for one account. Technically it is possible to run multiple locations on the same statement, but complicate and slow down the server setup.
  • It Not flexible web server software installed and managed by the web host and you cannot add software and additional functions.
  • It works only for small sites having low traffic.
  • The server resources are shared between all the websites hosted on it, so if the other site hog the CPU performance of your website will be affected.
  • Should visit your site to improve you cannot upgrade the same package but need to migrate to a different solution.


Your hosting plan is one of the essential elements to consider when developing new sites. One of the first decisions you will make is whether to choose a basic shared hosting or take specific WordPress hosting plan. Shared hosting is very popular with smaller sites and blogs because it is a very affordable option. And another WordPress web hosting, on the other hand, is suitable for those who want their sites highly optimized and safe, and have more budgets. Finally, shared WordPress hosting can be a perfect middle way, because it was well priced and well optimized for the platform.