Top 4 Reasons Why Samsung Is the Most Purchased Mobile Brand In France

Samsung is still the mobile phone of choice in major European countries, at least among those looking to buy a new device.

Samsung was one of the first phone manufacturers, providing a diverse range of devices to the global market.

According to Counterpoint, which tracks profits for a variety of consumer tech categories in many countries each month, Samsung was trailing the top-selling mobile phones in France.

In France, one of Samsung’s most financially viable European markets for a long time, the company leads in terms of mobile phone sales volume.

This sales supremacy is a great outcome for Samsung, which has worked hard to compete with Apple.

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With this, let us take a closer look at why Samsung is a popular brand among the French people.

1.  Innovative hardware.

Samsung manufactures the best smartphone processors, camera systems, and displays, making them among the most innovative mobile hardware corporations in the industry.

Samsung’s cutting-edge phones are always equipped with cutting-edge tools.

Samsung advances and breaks down barriers in every high-tech handset to broaden its horizons.

They provide the best hardware, including memory, RAM, processors, displays, and camera systems.

Samsung’s screens are said to be among the highest in the league.

Samsung was the first manufacturer to use a curved display and widespread OLED display on their smartphone.

Samsung was also one of the first companies to include a fingerprint scanner, heartbeat sensor, and retinal scans on its smartphones.

2.  Dependable Features.

Samsung is constantly striving to provide the best additional features on its phones.

These are components that we frequently use, so the provided shortcuts make it easier for users.

Furthermore, you can easily replicate your Samsung smartphone screen to any TV with HDMI input or a projector using an MHL cable.

The above is what you need if you want to make a presentation using a projector and a handset.

Because Samsung devices include a built-in gameplay recording app, it is easy to record the screen with internal audio.

These distinguishing features have propelled Samsung to the top of the list of popular phone brands in France.

3.  Focus on research.

Some other factor that contributes to Samsung being the best brand in France is that they are always on the lookout for their consumers’ needs before their competitors.

They conduct studies to discover the needs of the customers.

Their technicians strive to create groundbreaking products that meet the needs of their consumers.

They also work on new technologies to help them lead the market in the near future. They test and validate innovative products in response to customer feedback.

Samsung invests more than 80% of its profits in R&d projects.

Samsung’s dedication to major technology standardisation and safeguarding intellectual property has remained strong as the company’s R&D spending has increased.

4.  Affordability.

Cost is the very first consideration because acquiring a handset is an investment.

Because of their unquestionable style and durability, Samsung’s latest high-end designs could be just as costly as any other company.

The diverse range of devices offered by Samsung is the primary reason for its consistent affordability.

They have a wide selection of high-end, mid-tier, and low-cost mobile phones to meet all of their customers’ needs, irrespectively of their expenditure.

Each device serves a specific purpose for its users, making them accessible to all.

Samsung phones are a good choice at a far more affordable price, making them an excellent choice among French people.


Samsung is currently ranked as one of the top three corporations in the industry of electronics.

It is currently one of the world’s biggest multi-billion-dollar corporations which were made possible by Samsung’s core competencies, resilience and commitment to please their consumers.

Samsung phones are not only closely aligned to iPhones, but they’ll have to keep competing with other Androids to sit at the forefront of the mobile device industry.

Over a dozen Android phone firms are continuously designing and identifying the next revolutionary user experiences Samsung being one of them.

Because of the aforementioned factors, it is a popular brand that people prefer everywhere.

It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular phone brand among French people.