An Ultimate User’s Directory: ALI5 Package for Convolutional Neural Networks

Within the last decade, we have observed the rapid growth of machine intelligence development, and its capabilities are gradually approaching human ones. This research area is multifaceted, and one of the critical aspects is computer vision.

Its essence is that machines can see and perceive the world around them on a par with people. In addition, this ability can be used to solve such problems as working with images, their classification and processing, and the formation of recommendations based on them. The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm contributes to the progress and improvement of this field.


A fully connected neural network perceives an image as the summary of digits, representing the codes for three different layers (RGB) matrices. Red, green, and blue components are defined accordingly; one matrix is for red channel, and the second and third successively for green and blue. It is challenging to process … Read the rest