Online and Offline Marketing for Companys

Promoting the product is one of the most important things to do for the company. Without a good promotion, the consumer will not know about the product. Therefore, creating such a good promotion way is a must. Nowadays, the promotion of products has been made in various ways. Commonly, marketing for promoting products can be divided into two groups that are offline and online marketing. Offline marketing refers to the promotion by giving some pamphlets, leaflets, posters, and others to the consumer. Meanwhile, online marketing refers to the promotion of products by using social media such as website, marketplace, and others. Online marketing seems easier to do since there is no need for staff to give the promotion pamphlet directly to the consumer. They just need to develop the website or other pamphlets on the internet and announcing to the consumer. It will help the consumer to know the detail of the product easily. The website for promoting the product should be made by using web design. What is web design?

The Definition of Web Design

Web design can be defined as the process of how to make a good website. It also can be defined as how the design of the websites is. There are some elements that should be included in the web design. Those elements are webpage layout, graphic design, and content production. The webpage layout and graphic design will determine the display of the website. In certain ways, the good webpage layout and graphic design will create such a satisfying website. On the other hand, content production refers to the information on the website. A good website needs to contain such complete and clear information. The web design is made by the web designer.

What is Web Designer?

A web designer is a professional person who can make a good and creative web design. The web designer should be able to combine a suitable layout and graphic design to create an interesting website. Moreover, the web designer needs to put content production into the website. The web designer has some qualifications to prove their skill. First, the web designed should be able to operate some design software such as Photoshop and Flash. The web designer also should be able to create some elements in web design such as XHTML and CSS. In addition, the web designer also should possess some abilities to understand various program languages such as .NET, JavaScript, and PHP. Working as a web designer will enable people to get more creativity and survival ability when they need to work in deadlines.

The Type of Price of Web Design

In designing a website, the price of a website is crucial. The company wants to get the best website. But the question that will come around is about the price of creating the website. There are some criteria of how to pay the web design. There are some classifications to differentiate the budget of creating a web design. The cheapest price is achieved by using the free templates of web design. If the company can create web design by its own staff and use the free template, it will get the cheapest price. Why? They don’t need to pay for the templates of the website and the skill of web designers. However, to get better quality, the company may need to ask the services of a freelance web designer. It will take a more expensive price based on the skill of freelance web designers. However, the result of the website will be better. The most expensive price will be achieved by renting the service of a web design agency. The web designer of the agency is a professional staff so that the quality of the web design is no joke. The price of web design also can be classified based on the working hours of the web designer. The classifications are hourly rate, flat rate, and monthly rate.

Choosing the Flat Rate Offers for Creating Web Design

Web design Agency with flat rate offers is one of the most popular charging types of web design. The flat rate depends on the type of web designer. Commonly, the freelance web designer will be paid off about $1.000 – $3.000. Meanwhile, the web designer of the agency will be paid off about $10.000 – $15.000. The flat rate will enable the company to select a package based on their budget. There are some main points of the flat rate offers of web design. The first one is focusing on value. The flat rate enables the web designer and client to only focus on the result of the design. So, the possibility to get the best web design is higher than the web design with an hourly rate or monthly rate. The efficiency of using the flat rate offers of web design is also high since the web designer and clients are giving their concentration to create the best web design.


How To Choose the Best Web Designer in Magdeburg

If you live in Magdeburg, you may need to contact the best web designer to create your wen design. In this case, you may choose Sixteen Media as the best Web design Agency in Magdeburg.  This web design agency provides special prices for a flat rate in web design. The agency divides the package into three categories such as Starter, Complete, and Expert. The Starter package offers some services such as individual web designs, updates, and backups, one page design, mobile optimized, domain and web hosting, SSL encryption, 2 professional pictures, 10 email addresses, own contact person, and indexing on Google. Meanwhile, the Complete package consists of individual web design, 3 pages design, updates and backups, mobile optimized, domain and web hosting, SSL encryption, 4 professional pictures, 20 email addresses, own contact person, indexing on Google, and Search Engine Optimization. The most expensive package is Expert package which consists of individual web design, 8 pages design, updates and backups, mobile optimized, domain and web hosting, SSL encryption, 30 email addresses, own contact person, indexing on Google, Search Engine Optimization, tracking the ranking of the website in Google and keyword analysis for the industry.