How to clean a laptop keyboard

The keyboard is a very important part of the computer. With the keyboard, we can type and give instructions to the computer. The keyboard is made up of several small keys with some holes underneath them. The implication is that your keyboard could easily get damaged if you allow debris, foodstuffs, or water or get under the keys. It is also vital to regularly clean your keyboard. Apart from enhancing the look of your keyboard and making it look clean, you will also improve the functionality and lifespan of your laptop keyboard if you clean it regularly.

If you want to clean your laptop keyboard, here are the steps to follow.

Put off the laptop

The first step to cleaning your laptop is to turn it off first. You don’t want to mistakenly press commands that can affect the operation of your computer and not be able to undo mistakenly in the process of cleaning. Furthermore, you don’t want the hard disk crashing while tapping or shaking slightly as discussed in the next step. Hence, the first step to cleaning your laptop keyboard is to first turn it off.

hard disk crashing

Turn your laptop upside-down and shake a bit

The next step is to turn the laptop upside down while it is open. In its upside-down position, you should tap it or slightly shake it so that debris inside can be dislodged. This is because when you use your laptop, debris sometimes finds their way between the keys. Sometimes, you might notice the debris getting under the keys, other times you might not. This is why it is often unadvisable to eat while using your computer. This is because crumbs from the food you are eating can easily get under the keyboard. The same applies to chewing your fingernails as you might have to spit out the nails and then they land on your keyboard and go under. With time, you could start to observe that one or more of your keys are getting stuck or not functioning. In other cases, it could be dust and other types of debris that your fan or breeze blows around till it settles on your keyboard and gets under. This step will help to get some of the debris out and dislodge the rest. If after you finish cleaning your laptop, it is still not working properly, you can get a new one from a tech store after reading about 4gadgets and other stores that sell computer accessories on UKCollectedReviews.

Use a soft brush to clean the keyboard

The next step is to use a soft brush to clean the keyboard. Using a soft brush to clean the keyboard will help with wiping and cleaning the remaining loose debris still stuck under or around the keyboard keys that are yet to fall out.

Use a microfiber cloth that is lightly damp to wipe the keys

To remove dust and dirt that has settled on the keyboard, you should use a lightly damp microfiber lightly-damp cloth to wipe dust and dirt from the keyboard. You should remember that water getting below your keyboard could spoil the keys or get further into the computer and spoil some other components. Hence, make sure the cloth is just lightly damp to wipe the surface and not wet enough to squeeze out water into the keyboard.