Broken phone in Finland? Don’t Stress!

What to do when your phone breaks… and you’re in a foreign country like Finland? The first thing to do? Don’t panic.

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Our lives are all – basically – stored on our smartphones in today’s modern world. From photos, emails, contacts, to passwords, flight itineraries, hotel bookings and more: if your phone’s broken, there’s a good chance you might lose all that data and information. When it happens in your own home town or city, the situation might not seem so serious. When you’re abroad and in Finland, the first impulse would be to call home. But, what’s the number?

Smartphones are our essential everyday carry objects. When last have you put your phone down and tried to dial a number for your office or work colleague from memory? Or, how do you get to another part of the city you don’t know too well without maps? We are so very reliant on these devices that when we travel they actually take on a greater degree of support and importance.

It doesn’t matter that your phone’s broken. You can’t change that. However, you can try to rectify the situation as best you can. Do you have phone insurance? Does your mobile service provider insure your phone? Lay a claim for a new handset device if you do. If that’s your path, then turn your device off, place it in a sealed bag, and leave it there until you’ve returned home.

You could then buy a cheap phone, insert your SIM card and carry on with your time in Finland.

The other option you have is to repair the device locally, in Finland. The most common cause for mobile phones to break is usually human error. You might have dropped it, stood on it, driven over it, or you’ve spilt something on it. The most common problems are cracked screens, damaged internal speaker, damaged external speaker, charging port malfunctions, faulty buttons, and liquid damage.

There are numerous mobile phone repair shops; just about every mall and shopping center in Finland boasts one or two of these. Remember, this is the country that created Nokia – these people understand smartphones.

Cracked screens can even be replaced at home if you buy a screen repair kit. A repair shop can handle that for you, too. It isn’t too difficult. There are thousands of tutorials online to view and by reading the repair kit’s instruction manual you’ll come right too.

For faulty buttons and other internal problems, you’ll need to let an expert handle the repair job. The tools required for that and the experience with fiddling with those tiny microprocessors and soldering areas are best left to those that know what they’re doing.