A Great Snow Shovel for Our Family

I was born and raised in Florida. I went to college there as well, and it is where I fell in love with my wife. My first three children were even born there. When my wife was pregnant with our fourth and final child, I got transferred to Pennsylvania. I had never been that far north, so it was a pretty interesting time getting used to the different weather here. When we all saw our first snowfall, we were ecstatic. It was the first time any of us had seen snow. Thankfully, I had looked for the best shovels prior to the first snowfall, so I was already prepared for the first significant accumulation of snow.

I had found a website that had reviews of the top ten snow shovels, and I found it to be very informative. Obviously, I have used shovels in the past, but never one to get the snow off my driveway and sidewalks since where I lived in Florida had never seen snow before. I was able to read a description of each shovel on the website, and the nice thing is that I was also able to read the benefits of each shovel too.

I was torn between three different shovels. I ended up getting the one that I thought would help me the best with the removal of snow from my property. The snow shovel I chose is an aluminum one, and it is designed to remove the maximum amount of snow. The nice thing about it is that my son and I can both use it. I like it because it removes the snow quickly because of the large size, and I can wear my gloves while using it. My son loves it because he can use it to build snow forts with the snow that he throws from it. Either way, we definitely got the best shovel for our household.