Recent studies have revealed that before placing an order for a product or requesting a service online, prospective customers check at least four reviews to be sure whether or not they should spend their money on what you are offering.

Some people do not want to be your first customer, they want someone else to try out your product and give feedback before they can patronize you. Online reviews are very instrumental in influencing people’s decisions when they want to purchase a product or service online.

Other than influencing the decision of other customers, company reviews also allow a business to make improvements in the services they offer but are these reviews that important? Why should customers leave reviews about their experiences with companies?

1. It helps to serve customers better: Reviews allow companies to see their flaws and figure out ways to serve customers better. Companies go through all the reviews and compile them together. When they see that a particular complaint keeps occurring, they know that something needs to be done so that they do not dent their image. Companies use reviews as a platform to communicate with their customers since they cannot begin to call all of them one after the other. Customer reviews are one of the fastest ways to know the problem of your product or service and figure out a way to solve the problem.

2. It helps to increase sales: Customer reviews can have a significant effect on a company’s sales. First, when the company has a 5-star rating or any rating above 4.5, people are encouraged to patronize such companies because they are certain that if you have pleased a customer (or customers) in the past, you can also satisfy them.

3. It is free marketing: Customers can be a very great source of marketing if you know how to use them the right way. If you offer a great service to customers, they will be willing to help you recommend your business to other people for free. You don’t know who your customers are or the network that they have. If they have a large network of people that listen to them, they can help you promote your brand and bring you more customers.

4. It gives you ranking: If you have not optimized your business to rank high in search results, customer reviews can organically help you to pilot visibility in search results. When people search for keywords in your niche, your customer review pops up and it makes people interested in your brand. This can help you win more clients and increase your customer base.

5. It helps you gain customer loyalty: Customers who are satisfied with your product or service are the ones who will take their time to write sterling reviews about your business. Writing reviews is a way to know if you gained or lost a customer and you can use reviews as a way to establish a relationship with your customers.

As a business, you must allow customers to give reviews after patronizing your business. The benefits of these customer reviews have been seen above and as a business, you can make the best of these reviews.